The brand name WIMS8 means , Wake Up, Inspire ,Make Up System … To be more clear, you will not need any make up to recover your skin dysfunctions on your face .  WIMS8 brand provides all botanical extracts and skin friendly ingredients , which will provide healthy skin look. You will not need to put make-up on your skin after using WIMS8 masks.  Especially , CO2 Polymer Mask and Grape&Collagen Mask.

Our company focus on CO2 mask pack, which is the representative product. Also manage various kinds of mask packs from production to distribution, including hydrogel masks, essence masks, and functional certified masks. We have certificates such as IS09001 and IS014001 for product, quality and user safety. 

We have FDA and KFDA approval for manufacture certificate . Our manufacture facility is based on GMP (Good Manufacture Practice) technology .  We ensure, intensive quality and results for all of our masks.